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Collection of signatures to paralyze trade and investment agreements in the EU that include a global system of transnationals’ private courts (ISDS).



An alliance of more than 200 European organizations, unions and social movements that work to end corporate impunity for transnational corporations and against ISDS (the mechanism for dispute resolution between investors and States, which is a parallel justice system, unilateral and in favor of transnational corporations).



Through this collection of signatures, which aims to reach one million throughout the EU, it is sought to exert pressure on the political class, making clear how negative the approval of the ISDS would be for people and for the environment. However, the intention is that the draft of a United Nations Binding Treaty, which has a strong opposition from companies, gets ahead, as well as tcarrying forward different corporate responsibility laws.



In the EU. The letter with the signature collection is addressed to the President of the European Commission, to the Presidency of the Council of the EU, to the representatives of the EU Member States and to members of the European Parliament.



From 01/22/2019 and up to 1,000,000 signatures.



The goal is to reach one million signatures. Activists and individuals can sign.



ISDS, abbreviation for “Investor-state dispute settlement” is an opaque parallel justice system to which only the richest people have access.

Transnational corporations have used this system to threaten demands from billions of euros to the governments that face up to them. The regulation of pollution levels of coal-fired power plants or the rise in the minimum wage are two examples of laws that were questioned by the ISDS.

This is an unfair and undemocratic system that puts the interests of transnationals ahead of those of the people.