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In recent years, the rejection by the Latin American population, especially indigenous people, of what “Hispanic Day” represents has grown steadily. This has manifested itself in many ways: demolition of statues, removal of street names, transformations of the October 12 celebration, etc. All this is motivated by the awareness of the horrors committed by such sinister characters as Christopher Columbus, Pizarro or Hernán Cortés, who committed crimes that today would be judged as against humanity1, as well as by indigenous … Read more

Fortress Europe: Migration policy in the EU

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Everywhere in Europe racism creeps with increasing ease due to the voices of the xenophobic formations and the ultra-conservative stands. But also through a system of borders and policies that reveal an increasing institucionalization of said xenophobia. When in 2012 the European Commission launched a spot with xenophobic content that capitalized on the fear of others1 it received a lot of criticism. But was that spot an isolated event or a demonstration that the pillars of the European project are … Read more