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Signing of the manifesto announcing the call for a global climate strike on September 27, 2019.



The organizations Juventud por el Clima – Fridays for Future, Alianza por el Clima, Alianza por la Emergencia Climática, and 2020: Rebelión por el Clima  are the ones that publish and sign the manifesto. They are platforms belonging to different international movements that aim to exert pressure on the ruling classes so that the increase in the planet’s temperature does not exceed 1’5º C.



The manifesto aims to get enough support to make a significant general strike on September 27, and to continue the struggle through future mobilizations in favor of the climate.



On planet Earth. The call is online. The strike will be global.



Since 07/24/2019. The end date of support collection is undetermined.



The more support, the better. All individual and collective support is appreciated, provided that it does not come from political parties and foundations dependent on them, as well as enterprises. Thus, social, citizen and union organizations are welcome.



The climate crisis, not questioned by any significant scientific organization, will imply, if the current trend continues, the extinction of around one million species of the planet, both marine and terrestrial. This crisis is caused by the global capitalism of the opulent countries, which at the moment finds no stoppage. The climatic mobilizations try to exert the necessary pressure to stop the capitalist inertia that believes in a totally unsustainable unlimited economic growth. The objective is that human activity does not imply an increase in the Earth’s temperature above 1’5º C by the year 2100, and this mobilization is one more struggle to make itself heard.