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This Sunday, November 25, 13 Editora finished placing the pillars of a project that is already a reality thanks to more than 50 people who, through their contributions to the crowdfunding campaign, facilitated the achievement of the budget for the first impulse that will start 13 Editora up.

Being this a non-profit publishing project, of an independent nature, that arises under ECOAR)))’s framework, 13 Editora is born with the firm objective of spreading, in Galician language, reflexive works and practical contents destined to the formation, from alternative views that are different to the mainstream, as well as having a positive impact on the activation of people and societies, and equipping them with diverse tools to interpret and diagnose reality and themselves from a plural and critical perspective in favor of a fair social system.

The contents that 13 Editora will launch, will be aimed at increasing knowledge for people who already have experience and have set course in the field of activism, as well as critical people who seek to start activating themselves.

This crowdfunding contemplates the edition of 13 Editora’s first two works, including:

  • Achievement of translation and publication rights (all issues arising from the editorial conditions).
  • Production of the book (printing and binding).
  • Distribution of the book (both in point shipments and fixed points of sale).

ECOAR))) thanks each and every one of the tokens of support received that enable the implementation of this new project, which would be impossible to build without your help. We invite all citizens to make an active use of this new tool to activate themselves and the people around us. We also invite everyone to the presentation that will take place next year. Stay tuned!