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Demonstration about to leave.

This July 5 the G20 counter-summit began in the city of Hamburg, where thousands of activists from various social organizations that oppose neoliberal policies unite to face them and show that there are alternatives.

The Group of Twenty, which brings together the main economic powers of the planet, defends policies that do not respect human rights or the planet. That is why we open spaces throughout the day in which we discuss about the alternatives that can give solution to the different problems that affect us all.

Between July 5th and 6th, a meeting point was held in the Hanseatic city where we set forth 12 round tables in which we participated in a number of activist groups (among which were prominent international figures such as the well-known eco-feminist Vandana Shiva), in addition to more than 70 workshops, which dealt with various subjects such as climate issues, labor rights or economic alternatives.

Boat driven by activists.

The German government deployed about 20,000 agents for each of these days. They have various riot gear (water cannons, tear gas…). The security measures also include border controls, a delimited area of 38 kilometers where demonstrations are prohibited, and the closure of public transport that passes through those places. Despite the armor carried out for this event, the population of Hamburg showed commitment and solidarity with activists through banners in the houses or with the facilitation and opening of spaces.

With this in mind we participated yesterday morning in the meeting of international activists that took place outside the Kampnagel (cultural and artistic center), attended by people from more than 40 organizations of various kinds, which sought to weave ties and explain the dynamics to be followed in the various actions that will take place during the counter-summit.

Banner against border control.

Already at the beginning of the afternoon we went to Arrivati Park to attend the meeting of Block G20, where the data for the G20 blockade, meeting points, and other useful information was shared for the correct implementation of the actions. Later we developed the great demonstration that carried the motto “Welcome To Hell”, in which more than 12,000 people participated, and where slogans against racism, repression and capitalism were chanted, among others.

Today the G20 summit officially begins, despite the fact that yesterday several Hamburg leaders were approaching the city of Hamburg. Topics such as the financial system, borders, migratory flow, terrorism and, with less weight, climate change appear on the agenda. We will look, from diversity, for a high rejection of the neoliberal policies that destroy the planet and go beyond the fundamental rights of the people, blocking the G20 and participating in the different actions that will take place in the city of Hamburg.

More Information:

http://solidarity-summit.org/en/ (inglés)


http://www.blockg20.org/en/ (inglés)

https://shutdown-hamburg.org/?lang=en (Inglés)

http://g20-demo.de/es/start-es/ (castelán)



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