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Yesterday, under the rain, Vigo drew a picture full of art and vindication. On the second day of “There are Brigdes. Four days to draw the X-ray of a gap “, different performing arts groups invaded the central Príncipe street and its surroundings. Bolivian group Teatro Trono, brought closer to us one act that are part of their Decolonizing Caravan: “El Matrimonio del Soldadito” (“The Marriage of the Little Soldier”) a critic to Gener violence that is not usually perceived … Read more

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Hai Pontes (“There are Bridges”) started walking today. Four days to draw the x-ray of a hole. From today until next Saturday we will delve into the role of the performing arts to transform ‘the social’ and that of activism to transform ‘the cultural’, while seeking to weave alliances between both worlds. Today at 5:00 p.m. Teatro Ensalle in Vigo hosted the first of four debate spaces that will be held these days. On this occasion, the meeting point focused … Read more

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