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From December 2 to 13, the Climate Summit (COP25) will take place at the IFEMA in Madrid, where more than 25,000 representatives from 200 countries will meet with the objective of reaching agreements and commitments between nations to mitigate the effects of climate change. ECOAR))) will participate together with dozens of diverse organizations in the Social Summit for Climate that will take place in parallel and aims to build pressure to protect biodiversity and Human Rights in the face of climate catastrophe.

On November 26, the UN declared the Paris Climate Agreement dead in a devastating report presented by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which ensures that even though all the commitments adopted by the countries in the Paris Agreement are fully implemented, the objective of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees will be out of reach before 2030. This year’s summit is especially relevant since it will be the last meeting to activate the Paris Agreement, the first binding global pact in defense of the planet’s climate, which will have to be in force in January 2020.

Taking all this into account, as civil society, we cannot miss the opportunity to push not only for the agreement to be fulfilled, but for guarantees and respect for Human Rights in the process. For all this, the Social Summit for Climate arises. It will take place in parallel at the Complutense University of Madrid from December 7 to 13, with mobilizations in Madrid and Santiago de Chile (the original city where the summit was supposed to take place).

On this occasion we will demonstrate throughout various actions, lectures and mobilizations that we are “nature defending itself!” And we will fight to achieve climate justice!