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On December 2, the Climate Summit (COP25) began. With the aim of achieving a global mitigation scenario, world leaders meet at an essential summit to keep the planet’s temperature rise below 1.5º C. It is the last meeting to save the Paris Agreement planned to be implemented in 2020.

The summit finally takes place in Madrid from December 2 to 13, since Chile resigned, due to the social protests faced by the Piñera executive throughout the country. IFEMA will bring together 50 heads of state or government in multilateral meetings, which despite its non-binding nature, it serves to measure the pulse of each State in the fight against climate change and achieve minimum consensus.

The central points of the summit on this occasion will be: Environmental integrity, where transparency will be a key element when establishing rules for the global carbon market, under the premise that the one who pollutes the most, pays the most. National Commitments of Reductions (NDC): each country will present its own climate action books to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The funds to contribute or the commitments to decarbonize the economy will be discussed. The last focus of importance will be the Green Climate Fund; The idea is that the fund will have a financing of 100,000 million dollars focused on combating the climatic emergency and reducing differences between countries. It is currently in a contribution deficit due to the low participation of countries such as the US (who recently announced its departure from the Paris Agreement) or Australia.

Bearing in mind the lack of commitment on the part of governments in an official summit sponsored by large polluters such as Endesa, Iberdrola, Iberia… us, civil society, will reply to COP25 with a Social Summit, which will take place in Madrid and was organized in record time. It will start with the March for Climate on December 6, which will be followed by a calendar full of lectures and decentralized actions that will continue on December 7. Some of these lectures will take place at the Complutense University of Madrid and at the former UGT headquarters.

The international counter-summit, in addition to reviewing problems from diverse perspectives such as Latin American, African or areas such as Curdistan, will also have its replica in a Chile plagued by police repression with the Summit of the Peoples that started last day 2 and will close on December 7, and will make an analysis focused on changing the current neoliberal system towards other models that are fair, sustainable and respectful with life and the planet. We want to express our categorical disapproval and demand the immediate cessation of the human rights violation in Chile. We will continue to report throughout this week of climate struggle. Let’s save the Earth, let’s change the system!

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