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This past March 24th marked the 45th anniversary of the coup in Argentina led by the military man Videla and which gave way to the dictatorship (1976-1983) that plunged the Latin American country into repression, violence and a wave of regression in human rights.As every year the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice was commemorated.

For the second consecutive year, the annual march is not held, in which punishment is requested for the responsible persons of the dictatorship and the victims are remembered that according to several human rights organizations the figure could rise up to 30,000 people and that the majority they are still missing to this day1The decision was made by the board of human rights organizations,which make up 13 organizations including Grandmothers and Mothers of the Place of May (Abuelas y Madres de Plaza de Mayo) one of the most recognized groups in the fight against the dictatorship although one of its leaders2.

One of the main actions on that day was the planting of trees in representative places such as the old School of Mechanics of the Navy of Buenos Aires (ESMA), one of the largest clandestine detention centers in the country and today converted into a space for the memory and the defense of human rights.

Jorge Rafael Videla, head of the dictatorship and main architect of the repression, was sentenced to life imprisonment, a sentence that he would only serve after a pardon3 arried out by the government of President Menem in full democracy was annulled. He died in a civil prison in Argentina, however he never showed repentance, many of those who followed his orders went unpunished and thousands are still missing. He was one of the main artifices of Operation Condor that assassinated, repressed, destroyed any hint of a progressive government in Latin America, almost always with the military collaboration of the countries involved and the CIA4.

The question that the society of Argentina is asking is how to move forward and therefore the National Education Law No. 26,2065 was approved which established as a priority to promote quality education which also implies training responsible citizens who exercise their freedom fully and meaningfully, value, promote human rights and can develop equally. More specifically, curricular materials are promoted that critically study current Argentine history. They are invited to reflect on Human Rights or go to places of memory. The way to end these events throughout the world is truth, justice, reparation and no repetition.

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